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In the United States and abroad, there is a strong movement among Korean adoptees to find and support one another, share and compare stories, and provide educational opportunities and mentorship to younger adoptees. The following is a list of some of these Korean Adoptee-organized groups located in various parts of the United States.

Association Of Korean Adoptees - San Francisco (AKA - SF)

AKA-SF is a non-profit organization primarily made up of adult Korean adoptees living in the Bay Area. The organization's goal is to create a safe space for Korean adoptees, and build a relationship with the local Korean American community. In addition the group would like to further the growth of the national network of Korean adoptees.

Also-Known-As, Inc.

also-known-as, inc. is a non-profit organization started by a group of adult inter-country adoptees and friends in the New York metropolitan area. The organization is dedicated to sharing and celebrating the experiences of inter-country and interracial adoptions and establishing a national community of trans-cultural people: individuals whose lives bridge nations, cultures and races. The group's goals are to create innovative educational and community service events and programs geared to empowering adoption, building cultural understanding , and transforming racism.

Boston Korean Adoptees

Sharing a common history and a mutual understanding, Korean adoptees have come together to form the first Korean adoptee group in the Boston area. With cooperation and a commongoal, the organization hopes to foster a "community" for Korean adoptees to interact and educate others on Korean, American, and adoptee issues. The group welcomes other Korean adoptees to join and contribute their individual ideas and talents to the group identity.

Global Overseas Adoptee Link

GOAL is a volunteer organization based in Seoul, Korea and was established in March, 1998. Since the 1980's, many adult adoptees have been returning to search for birth families, seek connections to Korean culture, language and identity, and to work and live. GOAL feels it is important that adoptees have a home base and voice within their birth country. Many returning adoptees have encountered significant barriers in navigating their way through Korean society due to lack of resources. GOAL has assisted returning adoptees by organizing home-stays and providing translation, resources in obtaining jobs and visas, and other material and emotional support.



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