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Jo Rankin (Jung Im Hong) was born in Inchon in 1967, adopted by caucasian parents in 1969, and raised in San Diego. She is the middle of five children (two are biological, three adopted). She earned a degree in Journalism in 1989, then worked for two PBS stations consecutively. She co-founded the Association of Korean Adoptees (AKA) with SoYun Roe and Basil Zanda in 1994 and co-edited "Seeds from a Silent Tree: An Anthology by Korean Adoptees" with Tonya Bishoff in 1997. Her hobbies include piano, violin, chess, poetry, and collecting Hard Rock Cafe sweatshirts from over 60 cities worldwide.


You tried your best To cut the cord. Destroyed a nest Beyond afford. My fate was filed And soon defined: A lonely child You left behind. Since you and I May never be Together in Reality, Should I go on And try to solve The questions which Have since evolved, Or should I quit While I'm ahead And try to do Without, instead? Such simple words For mother’s pearl. From me, with love, Your Inchon girl.


Realizing I Am American first, Not Korean. Perhaps I am Neither.


Born unto two Realities, two cultures: too different. You and me. Crying silent tears while trying to Exchange American branches for Korean roots. Is it possible? Maybe.
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