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Michael Chin (Cinematographer) has almost twenty years of experience photographing documentary and feature films. His credits include FREDERICK DOUGLASS, MALCOM X: MAKE IT PLAIN, the Academy Award-winning IN THE SHADOW OF THE STARS by Allie Light and Irving Saraf, YOSEMITE: THE FATE OF HEAVEN, EYES ON THE PRIZE I & II, ROOTS TO RESISTANCE: STORIES OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, THE GREAT DEPRESSION, THE WAR ON POVERTY, and FORBIDDEN CITY, USA. He also photographed Wayne Wang's CHAN IS MISSING and DIM SUM, Philip Gotanda's THE KISS, and is currently working with Orlando Bagwell on the PBS series AFRICANS IN AMERICA.

Sara Chin (Sound Recordist) has been sound recording for film and video since 1980. Her documentary credits include SKIN DEEP by Frances Reid, DIALOGUES WITH MADWOMEN by Allie Light, WAR ON POVERTY and EYES ON THE PRIZE, produced by Blackside, IN THE SHADOW OF THE STARS by Allie Light and Irving Saraf, TROUBLED PARADISE by Steven Okazaki, MY AMERICA OR HONK IF YOU LOVE BUDDHA by Renee Tajima, THE DEVIL NEVER SLEEPS by Lourdes Portillo, and the PACIFIC CENTURY by Alex Gibney. Ms. Chin has also recorded sound for dramatic works, including DRINKING TEA by Philip Gotanda, RISING SONS by Steven Okazaki, HOT SUMMER WINDS by Emiko Omori, and CHAN IS MISSING by Wayne Wang. She was most recently sound recordist for RACHEL'S DAUGHTER, a film about the causes of breast cancer by Allie Light and Irving Saraf.

Scott Tsuchitani (Associate Producer)

Salome Milstead (Assistant Editor) has an MFA in film from the San Francisco Art Institute and an M.A. in Modern Cultural Theory from U.C. Santa Cruz. She most recently served as Assistant Editor and Post-production Supervisor for PARAGRAPH 175, a documentary about gay survivors of the Nazi regime by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. She also serves as Assistant Editor for the Treenhouse, has taught filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute, and has served as a staff person for the S.F. IntŐl Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

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